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May 19, 2014

The Return of Zita! Ben Hatke visits this Weds 7:30PM, May 21

Author/illustrator/busker/roustabout/dad Ben Hatke will show up in our Library to hang out, talk comics, maybe draw, entertain sign books and sell copies of The Return of Zita The Spacegirl,  his new installment in the Zita the Spacegirl series, hot off the presses, just released last week.  7:30PM in the Children’s room at the Takoma Park MD Library, 101 Philadelphia Avenue in Takoma Park,  Maryland.


return of zita cover

If you don’t know Zita the Space Girl by now, well, you oughtta.  (Spoilers of the first two volumes follow below.  So get right out there and read them right now!)

Ortherwise read on.  As you all now know Zita is a spunky feisty tough and occasionally naive young hero who travels the outer reaches of otherspace righting wrongs and finding trouble.  In volume one she jumped through a portal to a world far away trying to rescue her friend Joseph.  That she managed to kinda sorta save a whole world as well was a byproduct of her determination and ability to make friends in the oddest places.

We found her in volume two stranded and left behind in these strange worlds and her fame turned on her as she was branded a criminal when a robot doppleganger assumed her identity.

In volume three of the series Zita has been captured and must survive the trials and tribulations of life on a dungeon planet.  A dungeon planet controlled by the terrible race of beings known as the screeds.  (Last seen in Zita vol one as the be-tentacled kidnappers of her pal Joseph).  Will she survive?  Oh come on– you know the answer to that one,  don’tcha?

Zippy plot, witty repartee, charming characters, nasty villains, this is a great all-ages series for kids looking for what else to read after Bone, Missile Mouse, Amulet, and other great adventure comics.  Characters are cartoony and iconic, action is well animated and richly colored, dialogue makes for a great read-aloud in our monthly ‘Comics Jam’.

Come hang out this Wednesday and we’ll all have a great time.