Graphic Novels at the Takoma Park MD Library

Thousands of pages of comics await you on the shelves of the Takoma Park Maryland Library.  A quick search of the catalog shows over 3000 titles with the subject tracing “Graphic Novels” or “Comic Strips and Cartooning”.  The library has  6 distinct comics collections:  Comic Strips, All Ages Graphic Novels, Young Adult Graphic Novels, Manga, Adult Graphic Novels, as well as other non-fiction titles interspersed throughout the stacks.

Library assistant Dave Burbank  curates the collection as the primary buyer for these titles.  He’s the tall lanky guy with blond hair, feel free to interrupt him and bother him with your comics questions.  He doesn’t mind, I promise.

If you’re in the DC area, you’ll find the Library is convenient walking distance from the Takoma metro stop on the Red Line  (though we’re not the Takoma Park branch of the DC library, which is also nearby) and we’re easily accessible by bus from nearby Silver Spring.

If you’re hunting for comics and want a friendly neighborhood Library to borrow them from, you’re in luck.   Here is the Library, and here is the friendly neighborhood.

Find us at: at 101 Philadelphia Avenue, Takoma Park MD 20912.   We’re at the intersection of East West Highway/MD-410 and Maple Avenue in this leafy suburb of Washington DC.

Come check out a comic!


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