Notable Comics Links

__ The American Library Association has a section on its website about graphic novels, including a PDF of their guide to dealing with graphic novel challenges at:

__ Comic Books For Young Adults ( Created by librarian Michael Lavin, this website provides lots of basic facts about graphic novels well as a list of recommended books.

__ Comics in the Classroom ( Created by a teacher, this website offers lots of great ideas for using comics and graphic novels in the classroom.

__ Diamond Comics Bookshelf ( Diamond offers public and school librarians an annotated catalog of graphic novels, cataloging information and lesson plans.

__ Good Comics for Kids ( This School Library Journal blog is a great place for information and publishing news about graphic novels and comics for kids and teens.

__The Graphic Classroom ( Created by Chris Wilson, a former journalist who now is a graduate student writing his thesis on comics in education, this website is full of great suggestions about the best comics for classroom use as well as tips for storing them.

__ Graphic Novels In Libraries ( This website is chock-full of information about graphic novels, and also offers a list-serv where subscribers talk about graphic novels.

__ The Librarian’s Guide to Anime and Manga ( This is a wonderful introduction to these genres.

__ No Flying, No Tights ( This website, created by library technician and graphic novel fan Robin Brenner, is a great place to read reviews of graphic novels for kids, teens and adults.

__ Sequential Tart ( This website offers lots of reviews.



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