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September 14, 2010

Bone: Tall Tales, by Jeff Smith & Tom Sniegoski.

Little needs be said beyond:  “Look, it’s a new Bone book.”

If you know nothing about the Bone storyline, think: ‘Pogo meets Lord of the Rings’ and you’ll get a sense of both the epic scope of the adventure and the good-natured gentle humor and humanity of the series.   Everyday folks and forest critters go about their lives in a great big old dangerous world, until a great evil arises and threatens all.  A trio of small persons prove to have heroic import beyond their small stature (and despite a rapacious and cranky greed-headed immorality in the case of the irascible Phoney Bone).

This latest book is a side story of one-shot and throwaway tales.  The Ed Norton-esque Smiley Bone takes three lil’ Bone Scouts  on a camping trip accompanied by the rat creature Bartleby.  Smiley spins a few yarns at the campfire to keep them (and us entertained).

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