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October 6, 2010

The Little Prince, adapted by Joann Sfar

This adaptation is faithful to the original, and though it’s tricky to adapt a book whose illustrations were so much a part of the charm, Msr. Sfar manages that aspect artfully.

Still I found the story lost some of it’s dreamlike quality in the translation from word to image.   Though Msr. Sfar’s illustrations are always charming in and of themselves,  here his occasional loopy exuberance or earthy humor was constrained to remain faithful to the ethereal quality of this classic.  For Msr. Sfar’s best work see his luminous and wry The Rabbi’s Cat and it’s even-better sequel.  Though this was not his best work  he doesn’t do the book any ill either.

I liked the adaptation, but it doesn’t stay with me and reoccur at odd moments of the day the way the original did.   Here’s one way to describe the difference, when I was a kid reading the book, or having it read to me as a bedtime story I found myself worrying about the prince and his flower and even perhaps crying a bit.   Now the characters on the page may cry instead. There’s a distance from the poignance.  Or maybe I’m merely older now.  Maybe not.  I think I remember misting up a little in reading the Rabbi’s Cat Two.

Ultimately I’d sum  it up like this:  I suppose it says something about the genius of St Exupery’s work that even an artist as stellar as Msr Sfar cannot improve upon it.

Still a nice little book.