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August 24, 2010

Montgomery County School Library Media Specialists Professional Day

School media specialists are some of my favorite audience, and the Question and Answer segment is always the most interesting aspect.  I always  find I run out of time to discuss all of the topics planned in advance, and try to build in room to discuss our questions and share experiences as we go.  Quite frankly we could simply run a 45 minute round table discussion and learn from each other.  Very enjoyable.

As Graphic Novels and sequential art have become generally accepted as belonging on the shelf next to other forms of literature, I find I spend less and less time defending the artform and more time talking about what’s new, what’s next, how to pick good books, where to shelve them in a collection etc.

(Actually I miss the debate.  I’ll probably spend a few lines in various blog posts in this blog in spirited ‘defense’ of something that may no longer need a champion).

But for now I’ll spend a few posts talking about some of the issues we touched base on and perhaps even a few that we missed.